We’ve Got Big Goals

It’s time to change politics for good.


We are recruiting, training and standing candidates with a real chance of unseating an extremist. They can stand for any party as long as the party aligns with our values.

Or, they can stand as an independent. Less than 2% of the population belong to political parties. It’s time to activate the other 98%.

Standing for election is tough. We will help to manage expectations and provide the guidance to get new candidates through the process.

From how to complete a nomination form to how to get out your vote on polling day, our endorsed candidates will have the tools and knowledge to win.

Our team aren’t a bunch of desk jockeys. We’re experienced campaigners - from local elections in the UK to Presidential campaigns in the USA. It’s all about integrated campaigns - from strategy and operations to traditional comms and data-driven, micro-targeted digital ad programs.

If a candidate wants to do the work, we’ll make sure they get the support they need.


We’ve Thought This Through


Our organisation is based on the proven methodology that has already been successfully used in the USA.

We are taking a cross-party and Independent anti-extremist approach to campaigning and our candidates. Traditionally “safe” Conservative seats - from Parliament to town council - become vulnerable when a challenger is well-equipped to win.

Stand for Something will endorse and support who we believe is the right candidate with the best chance of winning. This works because political decision-making is always a relative choice for voters. We’ll ensure that choice includes a fact-based, open and inclusive candidate.


We’re Ready To Get It Done


  • Boost our Candidates: Provide best-practice training and support. Use integrated campaigning methods and help with digital campaigning to give our candidates a better chance of winning!
  • Persuade Swing Voters: Identify target segments of swing voters in our candidate’s seats and define campaign themes and a tone that will appeal to them. Present several variations of each message, refining at each iteration according to live campaign feedback, to identify the most potent.
  • Split the Vote: Identify issues likely to persuade segments of the electorate to vote for a different individual. We will tap into all legitimate methods to create the best chance for our candidates to win.

You’ve got to deal with the world as it is and win so you can change things for the better. It’s time to…

Stand for Something!


Who we are


Annabel Mullin

Annabel has years of electioneering under her belt having run campaigns and teams of candidates at local and national levels. Annabel co-founded Sweetspot Strategic Consulting, assisting companies and individuals to be better placed in all their communications, particularly digital.

Annabel is also currently completing her ESRC Funded PhD at UCL using life course data to understand criminal propensity and how we might guide policy to reduce offending. Annabel was leader of Renew, a new political party looking to bring balance and reboot a political spectrum riven with extremes and practices that are long overdue reform.

Annabel co-founded and leads Advance Together, a political party improving representation in our democracy and nudging the institutional parties to improve their internal systems and external policies. Annabel is also on the supplementary magistrate list and sat for nine years at the Central London Bench including the Old Bailey.

Before this Annabel worked in the NHS on secure wards with offenders with severe and enduring mental illness, designing and coordinating activities that would work towards rehabilitating and reintegrating offenders with mental illness back into the community. Annabel was a police officer in Mayfair and Soho in the Met Police for a few years and has also spent time working in financial analysis in the City.


Kyle Taylor

Kyle has managed 4 general election campaigns in the UK and another 2 borough council elections. He also co-managed the coordinated campaign in North Carolina in the 2016 US General Election.

He’s been doing campaigns for 15 years, having first attended the American Campaign Institute in 2005. In between election cycles, Kyle has worked on a range of progressive campaigns and causes through his political consultancy Overton Group. In 2017 he founded Fair Vote UK to campaign for comprehensive election law and digital democracy reform in the wake of the Vote Leave and Cambridge Analytica scandals.

He studied International Politics and The American University in Washington DC and did a Master’s degree at the LSE in Political Communication focussed on disinformation campaigns. Kyle is a partner at Sweetspot Strategic Consulting and an Aspen Institute UK Residential Fellow. Many think he is in fact an international man of mystery, holding 3 citizenships and passports.